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Kees Blom

Kees Blom (Apeldoorn, 1968) comes from an artistic family. While his father already had a passion for painting, son Kees succeeds in taking the step to become an independent painter. The first lessons in drawing, the love for nature and philosophic discussions he learned from his father and his painter friends. At a very early age Kees was already creating drawings of, among other things, a big sun containing houses, people and trees. A six-year-old ‘painter-philosopher’ in the making, his school was not too happy with this. His eyes and ears received versatile training early on and life itself taught him many lessons as well. 

Kees Blom is a realistic fine painter who converted his setbacks into a special focus on backlighting. At the moment he is painting large format bowls, sometimes with fruit added. The simpler the subjects, the better visible his craftsmanship becomes and his personality shines through. The backlight is carefully observed, the bowls are in place without any specific indication of placement. A perfect expression of material makes the fruit come alive. He uses only a very limited colour palette and by adding many intermediate colour shades he creates depth and nuance. 

More and more art collectors already know how to find his work. A good investment. Moreover, we are looking forward to new work which is moving towards an even lighter chiar’oscuro. A master in the application of sparkling light and colour against backlighting. Through increased freedom in his head, in his brushwork and use of colour he opens up a whole new range of artistic possibilities for himself. His series of bowls is the most recent example of this, daring yet consistent. 

He also recently started his own academy giving people the opportunity to enjoy painting as much as he does. This too is Kees Blom.

(Drs. W.T.M. Tiemes, art critic)