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Manuel Lopez Herrera

Manuel Lopez Herrera was born in Madrid Spain in 1946.  Herrera began with classes in drawing and painting at the School of Arts and Crafts and later at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.  He worked in advertising creating paintings, designs and illustrations for various publications, magazines and books from different countries.  An official ‘copyist’ in the Museo del Prado in Madrid where he studied and practiced the techniques of classical painters.  In 1973 he was awarded a scholarship to further his studies in Rome, Florence and Venice, and in 1976 he completed his studies in London, England.  Herrera participated in contests and competitions in drawing and painting garnering numerous awards and accolades.

Solo exhibitions (selected)

Exhibitions: Kreisler Gallery, Gallery Alfama, Madrid; Gallery Bearn, Palma de Mallorca; Haurie Gallery, Sevilla; Gallery Van Dyck, Gijon; Kandinsky Gallery, S. Jose de Costa Rica; Mario Sequeira Gallery, Portugal; Gallery Two, Braga Coimbra; Samaqra Gallery, Paris; Galerie Utrecht, Netherlands; Embryo Gallery, Leuven Belgium; Galerie Lierhmann Liege Belgium; Arnot Gallery, New York.


Participated with Rodrigues Acosta Foundation on the work of Federica Garcia Lorca in the exhibition ‘The Art of the Enlightenment’. Illustrated the New Rules of Bullfighting for the Official College of Veterinarians of Madrid as the Animal Protection Manual. Archaeological Museum in Alcala de Henares artwork on “Otzi” The Ice Man Wine. DARWIN 100 Anniversary.


In collections of: Wallpaper Art Hall of Palamos Spain; Municipal “Cau Costa Brava” Museum Spain; Cultural work of the Caja de Ahorros de Leon Spain; City of Medina del Campo Spain; Provincial Museum of Pontevedra Spain; City of Avila Spain. Provincial Museum of Pontevedra Spain; Belenista Art Museum Spain; Provincial Museum of Seville Spain; Ponce Museum of San Juan de Puerto Rico; Museum of Contemporary Art in Osaka Japan; Municipal Art Museum Puertollano Spain; Art Fund Council of Valladolid Spain; Buenos Aires – Argentina New World Foundation Archaelogical Museum; Alcala de Henares Spain; Palacio de Buenavista Spain.


Special Prize Queen Sofia; Medal of Honor Awards in BMW Paint; First Prize City of Tudela; Excellency Award City of Madrid; First National Award Valdepenas