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Nikolas Antoniou

Nikolas Antoniou was born in Larnaca, Cyprus. In 2012 he graduated in fine arts at the University of Western Macedonia, Greece. He started drawing at a young age and wanted to become an architect like his cousin. But he soon discovered that he didn't like mathematical calculations. During a study trip to Hungary he came into contact with art almost by accident. He had difficulty with the Hungarian language and started taking private art lessons. His passion for art quickly developed there.

Antoniou's paintings do not arise from a specific idea or theme. Instead, he consciously avoids focusing on specific questions or answers and instead creates new images that generate unknown questions. So without much thought and limitations and completely free, he paints vague spaces and objects that may seem out of place due to both time and dimension. Items that do not fit together and figures that seem lost in an intense picturesque environment, but ultimately coexist and interact. The human body has been a fixed subject for years and the source of inspiration for his paintings. The figures in his works express feelings of movement and are clearly inspired by contemporary dancers who express emotions through dance.

Antoniou’s style is unique. Although the human figures are often recurring subjects, each painting evokes different emotions in the viewer. The artist says about this: ‘One of my teachers always said that art is the space between the viewer and the painting. So that's where my art lies.’

The artist lives and works in Cyprus.


University of Western Macedonia, Department of fine and applied arts
Budapest Art Factory - International Artist Residency Program (managed by BAF)

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2017 – 'A Normal Person’ - Technochoros Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
2017 – 'Measuring Reality' - Alpha C.K. Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2017 – 'Nikolas Antoniou' – Budapest Art Factory Project Space - Budapest, Hungary
2016 – 'The Conservation of the Creative Process’, Alpha C.K. Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2015 – ‘For the Purposes of Imperfection’, Technochoros Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
2014 – Nikolas Antoniou, Gallery Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
2013 – 'Sanitizing Logic' part2 – Technohoros ArtGallery – Athens, Greece
2013 – 'Sanitizing Logic' part1 – Apothikes ArtGallery – Larnaka, Cyprus

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2018 –  'AAF Milan' – Technohoros ArtGallery, Milan, Italy
2017 – 'Romania – Greece – Cyprus Contemporary Art Exhibition” - Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2017 –  Reflecting Reality” – BLUE IRIS Art Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus
2017 –  Budapest Art Factory, Project Space - Budapest, Hungary
2015 – 'EMBODY' – The Collection Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2015 – 'Preadexhibition' – Technochoros ArtGallery Athens, Greece
2014 – '5 new and 3 younger artists' – IsNotGallery – Nicosia, Cyprus
2013 – 'Ευφραίνει Καρδίαν ΙΙ - Rejoice my Heart II' Technohoros ArtGallery – Athens, Greece 
2013 – Apothikes ArtGallery – Larnaka, Cyprus 
2013 – “Art for Less” – Lola Nikolaou ArtGallery – Thessaloniki, Greece 

2012 – “Glimpses of the future” – Myro Gallery - Thessaloniki, Greece
2012 – “Remember?” – Beton7 – Athens, Greece
2012 – “Pandora’s Box” – Action Field KODRA – Thessaloniki, Greece
2012 – “HR E MO project” – Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery – Thessaloniki, Greece
2012 – “Έυμορφος Άνθρωπος - Shapely Persons” Museum of Contemporary Art – Florina, Greece
2012 – “Έυμορφος Άνθρωπος - Shapely Persons” Gallery512 – Ptolemaida, Greece
2011 – “Έυμορφος Άνθρωπος - Shapely Persons” Technohoros ArtGallery – Athens, Greece