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Wiebe Maliepaard

Wiebe Maliepaard Born in Wijk bij Duurstede, 1960 - The Netherlands  Graduated cum laude at the School of Arts Utrecht in 1993. It's solely 'the human being' which gives him the compelling feeling to paint. For Maliepaard, the human skin plays an important role. Especially the structures he finds of great interest, it is always a challenge how to express its velvety, callous, wrinkled or heavily hairy character. Maliepaard presents us with the harsh reality, the more transparent the skin, the rather he paints it.

For me the human body is the strongest source of inspiration which drives me to draw and to paint.The point of departure of a drawing or painting is the combination of emotion elicited by a specific pose of the model and the artistic possibilities produced by the body, the pose, and the play of light.The distinguished marks of the model are important to me although I take the liberty of changing or omitting them when I think it will improve the drawing or painting.My intention is not to draw a perfect body or portrait but I’ll do everything possible to create a realistically drawn/painted body, which, in combination with the composition and the skill of drawing/painting, has to be as powerful as possible - an intimate and confrontational image.

Portrait of Rita Reys in the programme Stars on Canvas, Dutch television, 2013


2014  2 drawings in + 1 inside cover, the American artmagazine, Poets & Artists, Issue #59 December
2002  Catalogue ‘The 4th Show of artists, designers en photographers of Utrecht’, Central Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands.
1998  Catalogue ‘The 3th Show of artists and designers of Utrecht’, Central Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands.
1995  Catalogue ‘The 2th Show of artists and designers of Utrecht’, Central Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands.
1995  Catalogue ‘Cum Laude, A selection of cum laude graduated artists of the Dutch schools of arts of the years 1990-1994, The Hague, the Netherlands.


Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2018 aug/sept: Weekend van het portret
2016 Tekening van het jaar, deelname tentoonstelling
2015 Het Gezicht, educatieve tentoonstelling over het portret, mede-exposanten o.a. Erwin Olaf, Koos Breukel en Francien Krieg, Alphen a/d Rijn 
2014 Linea Et Figura, met Kobe de Peuter (B), Evert den Hatog (NL) en Daniel Ochoa (VS), Morren Galleries, Amsterdam 
2013 Over smaak valt te twisten, tentoonstelling over zelfportretten, Kunststudio van Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
2012 Fim Forever!, Portretwinkel (Morren Galleries), Utrecht. 2012 Realisme 
2012 Vertegenwoordigd door de Portretwinkel (Morren Galleries), Amsterdam
2002 Art Amsterdam, Morren Galeries
2002 De 4e Salon van Utrechtse kunstenaars, ontwerpers en fotografen, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, georganiseerd door het Centraal Museum Utrecht 

1998 De 3e Salon van Utrechtse kunstenaars en vormgevers in het Utrechts Gemeentehuis, georganiseerd door het Centraal Museum Utrecht
1995 De 2e Salon van Utrechtse kunstenaars en vormgevers in het Centraal Museum Utrecht


2013-2016 Commissions for 'de Portretwinkel'


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