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Born in Dreumel – The Netherlands, 1978 Decay ignites the imagination. You’d be surprised what people leave behind, often for unknown reasons. Beautiful villas, still fully furnished – everything covered in a layer of dust. Hospitals with patient files scattered in the hallways. Theaters and ballrooms, now empty of laughter. Castles where the family photo album still sits on the bookshelf. Memories of what used to be. How did these people live? Why is the place abandoned? What happened? With time, nature starts to take over. As the years pass, buildings and the secrets they keep crumble and decay. On first glance you may see a pile of moldy debris, but look at it with different eyes and you’ll find a breathtaking beauty. I am pleased to take you to the world behind the ‘no entry’ signs and the locked doors. It offers a glimpse of the beautiful, forbidden world of decay as I see it.

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2015 SCOPE - New York, USA
2014 FotoFever - Louvre Parijs Frankrijk
2013+ 2014 Galerie Patries van Dorst – Wassenaar, Nederland

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2016 SCOPE Miami – Miami, USA
2016 Art Banguluru – Bangalore, India
2016 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hongkong
2015 Galerie Richard Ter Borg – Groningen, Nederland
2015 Galerie landgoed Zofier – Nieuweschoot, Nederland
2014 Morren Galleries – Amsterdam, Nederland
2014 Morren Galleries – Utrecht, Nederland
2014 CODA Museum – Apeldoorn, Nederland
2013 MORPHO (Morren Galleries) – Utrecht, Nederland


Internationale galeries:
Beirut (Libanon)
Edinburg (Schotland)
Parijs (Frankrijk)
Moskou (Rusland)
Hamburg (Duitsland)
Stockholm (Zweden)
Göteborg (Zweden)
Zurich (Zwitserland)
New York (USA)
Dallas Texas (USA)
München (Duitsland)
Dundee (Schotland)

Art Fairs (selected)

2013 + 2014 + 2015 + 2016 Affordable Art Fair Brussel
Affordable Art Fair Milan
Affordable Art Fair New York
Affordable Art Fair London
Hampstead Art Copenhagen
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Affordable Art Fair London Battersea
Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

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