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Geert Schuurman

Geert Schuurman lives and works in Witmarsum (Friesland, Netherlands), he origined from the Betuwe.
Born just after World War II, he grew up in the magnificent river landscape between the river Rijn and the Waal. As a little boy, wandering over the floodplains, his father teached him the animal world, the complexity and the balance.

The artist was already fascinated by the beauty and the vulnerability of nature and specially of birds.
That love and passion never went away. Nature has always been his inspiration. Geert wanted to go to the Art Academy, but born in an working-class family, his parents urged him to go to University and get a more economic secure job. After he retired, he finally got the time to dive into the techniques of modelling, baking and glazing clay.

Characteristic for his sculptures, mainly birds who make an appearance in the Netherlands, is the natural forms and colours. They appear very realistic and are flying through the whole of  Europe, at the moment.