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Renee Marcus Janssen

Renée Marcus Janssen (1976, Naarden, the Netherlands) studied to be a sculptor, partly in the Netherlands at the Art Academy in Utrecht and partly in Italy, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara. In Pietrasanta in Italy, she learned the craft of the bronze casting. She worked in the Fonderia Artistica Da Prato, where she worked together with the craftsmen and got specialised in the classic way of sculptoring. Here she decided to continue to work with bronze. Marcus Janssen is in charge of the whole process of making the statue. Only the casting is being done by Art Casting in Oudenaarde. After this process, she does the finishing herself. The project Animali Antichi contains at the moment 17 different character portraits of animals in bronze. The sery invites us to look at the animals in a different way. At first sight a realistic portrait. Closer by, we see some details more simplified or styled. The statues are very touchable, there is an immediate longing to touch them, because we are standing eye to eye to them, like we are used to do with humans. The animal as character portrait refers to the indissoluble relationship between human and animal. Renee Marcus Janssen has her own, recognizable style. Her personal way of sculptoring still refers to her experiences while working in Italy in Pietrasanta.


Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Utrecht
Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Italië


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