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Roland Art

ROLAND ART (Utrecht) was born in Friesland and enjoyed his childhood, close to the lakes. His love for animals originated here and the wish to depict this in fantasy images. As a child he visited the neighbours often. They had stock of 85 cows and a group of stray cats. At home they sheltered wounded birds, specially waterbirds. He loved the moment when a cured bird was ready to spread his wings and fly out again. A few decades Roland Art was a professional windsurfer. He made his own boards and participated in competitions. At a very young age he started to draw and to paint. In 1995 he started making wooden cats, with a little bird on the tail. Cats, cows and birds are his favourite animals. He also loves flowers and heartshaped forms a lot. When he lived in Denmark with his family, he discovered he loved to work with wood. ‘I love wood. The basic smell of it nourishes my creative brain. That smell is the motor. I get very passionate when I work with wood and when I make a cat, with al its round forms, my heart flows over with joy. The cat with the bird on its tail, is an image that I will keep making. That is a ROLAND and for me it represents love, freedom, happiness, harmony, tenderness and peace. ‘ Roland Art makes wooden and bronze sculptures. He paints them in bright colours. His style is expressive, dreamy and with a lot of fantasy. This art will make you happy!