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Bob London

Bob London (b.1976) is an artist living in the city of his namesake.

He studied Fine Art and his work has appeared internationally. Prolific and impulsive in his preoccupation, when he is not drawing on paper he will improvise on whatever is at hand: the inside of book covers, beer mats, banana skins and chip forks.

His "Gimp Garden" is an ongoing personal project in which deformed foetal homunculi figure like outcasts of Eden, elasticated mutant interlopers with flaccid dugs and limbs like twisted silk, splayed and slouching amid a garden netted with tendrils and weeds. The spectator's initial revulsion gives way to sympathy for these mute anthropoid hybrids that emerge like forlorn initiates in an impious ceremony.

Another recurring motif is the vast and populated villages where remote townships crown the horizons and which frequently contain Hitchcockian cameo appearances of the artist himself. The portrait, whether of real or imaginary sitters, is another obsession and he is currently working on a series of playful pictures in which the style and formal rendering make it seem as if Cubism had been crossed with Elizabethan portraiture.