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Kobe (1950, Kortrijk, Belgium) received his artistic training at the Art Academy of Ghent and Doornik. In his bronzes he constantly searches for the boundaries between abstraction and figuration. The abstraction is what provides the figuration in his sculptures with a certain tension, but also a certain playfulness. The topics of his sculptures mainly concern the female form, torsos and horses. They are characterized by their flat and thin surfaces combined with round shapes and essential lining. Influences from the old Egypt, Etruscan and African sculptures are very apparent, in addition to the more modern influences from the artistic development of Cubism. This is mainly apparent in the ways Kobe approaches his reality and visualises it in his formal language, combining different view points in one the sculpture. Broader areas of the torso he combines with thin, sleek fingers and fine faces. Essential in viewing a sculpture by Kobe is walking around it, experiencing all the different interpretations of one image and the surprising visualisation forms.


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