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Rachel Ann Stevenson

Rachel Ann Stevenson has studied at the NULC college of art and design, the oval school of figurative sculpture, the royal society of portrait sculpture and has studied taxidermy under the tuition of Mike Gadd.
"My work represents the delicate smoke and mirrors between the conscious and the unconscious mind; distorting the fabricated glare of social order for a vague realism where we allow ourselves to be absorbed into the familiar comfort beyond the gloaming; inviting peace through the jolting madness of a lucid mind, where the dreamer can unveil their fears, dreams and desires; the past and present mixed as one, we roam free unbound by the isolation of society; within our dreams we confess the truth to ourselves."
Rachel has exhibited widely in the UK including solo exhibitions in London, Bath, And Brighton as well as having her work shown at some of the country's leading art fairs.
- NULC collage of art and design 
- The oval school of figurative sculpture
- Cross St Gallery 
- Steve white sculpture studio CA 
- Chenzhen studios HK 
- The Royal society of portrait sculpture 
- Taxidermy under the tuition of Mike Gadd

2011 Bath contemporary 
2012 Affordable art fair London 
Bloomsbury art fair 
Paralax art fair 
Chealsea art fair 
Affordable arts London 
In the flesh bath 
2013 The other art fair 
The Bo Lee Gallery London, SAUDADE 
The Bo Lee Gallery London, LUCID 
Brighton Art Fair 
The Other Art fair 
2014 The London Art Fair
ART 14
The AAF Hampstead
Arusha Gallery Edinburgh