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Daniel Douglas

Daniel Douglas (Dedemsvaart, 1984)

Growing up on the countryside of the Netherlands, Daniel Douglas  spend his childhood in the landscape that is so famously depicted by the Dutch 17th century painters.
Low wide horizons a fierce cloudy skies, the familiar images that he grew up with formed a solid foundation for Douglas’ later work.

Art education Already at a young age it was clear: Daniel wanted to become a painter. After following a preparatory year at the art academy,
Douglas did an apprenticeship by artist Maarten Welbergen in 2004.

Here he learned the basics of oil painting and proportioning. One year later Douglas moved to Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art.
At this famous art school he studied different classical drawing and painting techniques and learned to observe critically.
Focus of Douglas’ work Douglas’ style can be described as mostly realistic; his paintings depict everyday scenes, landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

In his work the aesthetics of light and nature play an important role. By working in layers Douglas creates a rich composition with deep colours.
“Painting for me is literally a way to make dreams come true. I’m daydreaming, have an image in my head and while I’m working on it, it comes to existence.
I can really enjoy this process and I’m happy to share my imagination with the world.

” Recent work Since 2012 Douglas is working on his series ‘New Light’, which combines the style of the old masters with artificial lighting sources from our modern age. In this work you can feel the magic atmosphere this light creates. Douglas doesn’t intend to say this new technology is either good or bad, but is showing us the visual effects of modern light, seen by the eye of the artist.


2004 - Apprentice ship by Maarten Welbergen 2005 - Florence Academy of Art

Solotentoonstellingen (een selectie)

2019 – Museum de Fundatie, ArtWorlds’ ZomerExpo Europa 2014 – Gemeentemuseum Den Haag – Summer exhibition – Light. 2010 – Drents Museum – 200 Year Lodewijk Napoleon – Exhibiton and purchace portrait for museum collection.

Groepstentoonstellingen (een selectie)

2008 – Kröller-Müller Museum – Museum Jan van der Togt – Noordbrabants Museum – Groupeshow for television show portraits.