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Gelas Kessidis

Gelas Kessidis' work is simultaneously traditional and modern.
Using the cultural experience of the past as background, he manages to create works of a new style distinguishable for the artist's strong personal manner and high professional level.

Kessidis brings in the field of sculpture his own orientation of plastic intentions of subjects and he is mostly based in the rich and colorful traditions of ancient art.
The sculptor definitely disposes an artistic sense that gives him the opportunity to find for every subject the right artistic form to express his intentions simply and comprehensively. Kessidis' sculptures have evident and logical composition, natural and convinced movement.

Each one of his works spread itself freely in the space, presenting a new form at any optical angle that adds polymorphy and enrichment in the general impression. The sculptor uses on purpose a kind of non complete composition, develops with dexterity the sculpture figure, presents the plastic possibility of human body and by using different artistic manners creates artistic and decorative image.
In his work appear especially the traces of the job he is doing on the actual sculpture. The surface of his works varies as to show the procedure of shaping the model. In this way he causes alteration of light and shadow and creates strong effect.

Gelas Kessidis presents cultural heritage of the past from a new point of view.
Tradition is applied artistically and personally and pushes artist's works to a renewal and development in an emotional and sensuous character. It is clearly distinguished, that the sculptor chose his own way in the art from the beginning of his creative activity.

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