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Erwin Meijer

The statues of Erwin Meijer are subtle with a recognizable, personal handwriting.
They breathe the atmosphere of a narrative poem, where the reader not only encounters the artist, but also himself.
Though the statues are realistic, there is still enough room for interpretation. Do the artist and the viewer see the same story? It doesn’t really matter, because the beauty in his work has a autonome quality. How can we interprete the work in the conscious and unconscious brain?
The first will be hit by the clear styled forms and the technical know-how. The second by his favourite theme, nature, the loving images of men and animals, often together in harmony.

Very common in his work is the symbolic worth within the story. The viewer experiences an emotion, seeing a human or human presence, funny or vulnerable. You sympathize with the myth and feel the power of the methaphorical meaning. This is confirms we are dealing with a real artist.

Erwin Meijer managed very well to give his sculptures a classic universality, timeless, surpassing the boundaries of reality. With a signature beyond countries and cultures. . East and west meet each other in many sculptures, like Europe and the bull, Madame Butterfly, Labyrint hand Hybride; but most of all-in the artist himself.


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