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Amiran Djanashvili

After a strict selection, Amiran Djanashvili (1962) follows art education at the age of seven at an Art School for gifted children in Tbilisi (Georgia). This is form of artistic youth education for talented young people. In 1981 he went to the art academy where he graduated in 1987 as a sculptor. Amiran always tries to make compact images that, depending on the composition, can consist of stone, marble or bronze. 

He always thinks of all details such as the composition of the hands, the movement of the body and any clothing. Amiran leaves nothing to chance; every detail must contribute to the total composition. The three-dimensional element of his sculptures is of the utmost importance to him. Moreover, all forms must be plastically interesting and live in perfect harmony with each other. The image may not have a clear front view, but must be interesting from all sides. His figurative images, including nudes and portraits (his specialty), are of high quality and betray a course in which classical sculpture has been at the forefront.

Since 1991, Amiran has lived with his family in Utrecht and has exhibited his works in many countries. Amiran's sculptures were sold in Japan, Israel, the US, Belgium, Germany, the former Soviet Union and of course the Netherlands.


1969 School voor de Kunsten in Georgië, jeugdonderwijs
1981-1987 Beeldhouwen - Kunstacademie Georgië


2012  Beeld 'Pelgrim', Jacob Gasthuissteeg
         Bronzen beeld van Alyt Ponciaens voor Stichting Dom 750
2013  Een lantaarnconsole voor de Utrechtse Oranjeverenigingen
2015  Bronzen beeld 'Sjofar' (ramshoorn) voor het Joods Oorlogsmonument in Utrecht

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