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Sonja Brussen

Sonja Brussen has been a real outdoor girl ever since she was young. Nature has been fascinating her in every way and form. Her paintings show her love for nature. She is in her element when working with nature.

She has been educated by very passionate teachers at the Artez school of Arts. After graduating she keeps renewing herself in her work.
Since 1998, she has been working as a professional artist, at the moment she is based in Lochem.
With an abundant impressionist touch, she makes paintings in her own way. She prefers to work outside  ‘en plein air’ .

There are a lot of people interested in her work, galeries and followers on all kind of media.

Looking at her paintings, you feel like being outside, on the actual spot where the scenery has been painted.
She takes you with her in her imagination and brings the impressive outside to the inside.  

In 2013 she won the Art in the Open contest in Ireland and in 2015 she got nominated by the Noordwijk Paintingfestival.  In 2016 Sonja won the Royal Talens Rembrandt Painting award at the same festival in Noordwijk. Since 2016 she is a member of the Dutch Society of Sea Painters.

Jury Report: ‘A real plein air painter. This artist has a fresh way of painting. Her technique is beautiful. The theme of this year ‘150 year seaside resort’ is obvious in her work.  You can feel the weather in her paintings. Her painting ‘Cumulus Clouds’ owns every reason why painters came tot he coast: Dutch skies. Do you recognize this Sonja?
This is the report from last year, we can add tot his: A productive painter in her flow. Dynamic as well in the seasied -paintings as in her landscapes. 


ArteZ hogeschool voor de kunsten

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2017 Lamu Painters festival 2017, Kenia (Afrika), 2 t/m 22 febr 2017
2013 Deelname op uitnodiging aan het Glory international painting festival in Bergen (Nederland)
2013 Kunst10daagse in Bergen
2013 en 2014 Deelnemer Noordwijk Schilderfestival


2016 Museum Molhmann
2016 ​Fries Scheepvaart museum 
2015 Museum Noordwijk
2015 Museum Opsterland



2016 winnaar Royal Talens Rembrandt Painting Award, tijdens het Noordwijk Schilderfestival
2015 nominatie tijdens het Schilderfestival Noordwijk
2013 winnaar online art in the Open contest, Ierland