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Corjan Nodelijk

Corjan Nodelijk is a composer and a professional storyteller. The quirky and surreal creatures - mostly people or animals - seem curious. But it is ultimately up to the viewer to have a firmly rooted image in his head that the visual artist born in Dordrecht in 1962 knows how to disrupt properly. Occasionally animal individuals, who can never be found in an animal encyclopedia, are composed of two or more species: stretched, lengthened, widened, shortened. Or what else the artist has with his materials in his inspired spirit and creative hands. Yet his work is not surreal. The reality of this is always beyond dispute. This is indisputable, because it is necessary to create full of wisdom and poetry. 

The artist's hand described their anatomy. So the sculptures defy every natural law. The figurines that are picturesque on one side, decorative on the other, so beautiful aesthetic, because only the art of nature itself is made. The human figures of Nodelijk are also from time to time mysterious, oriental-looking messengers of cosmic worlds with their own dress code. The works are never moving on erratic paths, rather contemplative, introverted and always to be found in the best place: in the here and now!The artist uses the most used materials. Perfection does not mention perfection: 'perfection is boring' according to Corjan Nodelijk.