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Robbert Fortgens

Since 2010 Morren Galleries is working together with artist RobbertFortgens (1960). 
Initially painting realistic stillives, Fortgens changed his work completely and became a successful painter of abstract paintings. He worked in this manner for many years and was a well known artist. During these years he also developed himself as a photographer but never showed this work in exhibitions.. Until 2009, when he started to combine his abstract paintings with his photography work. The combination, in which the two elements are of equal importance, is in perfect balance.Where the photographs emphasize the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the paintings show inner peace and quiet. 
Fortgens showed during exhibitions on several occasionsin theNetherlands, Barcelona, Valencia, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Cannes, and New York. His work can be found in corporate, and private collections and he even had an exhibition in the famous Stedelijk Museum in Amsteram.

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