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Kenne Grégoire

Kenne Grégoire was educated at the Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, 1697 – 1973. His teacher was Otto B. de Kat. In 1973 Kenne won the Silver Prix de Rome. The Italian Ministry of Culture invited him in 1976 to come over and make a study trip in Italy.

Kenne Grégoire paints in a realistic way. He uses a 17th century technic in his paintings: he starts with a grisaille and then glazes the colours. Most of the time he works with acrylic paint. His subjects are diverse. Through the years the series with theme Commedia dell’arte originated. Theatrical attired people, who betray loneliness, despair and desire. Their mood is in sharp contrast with their party outfit.

In years a lot of different subjects came to live in his paintings. Slept beds, uncleared tables, ruines and arcades. All without people. He also painted desolate, classisistic buildings, trompe l’oeuils, with rusty enamel, romantic landscape in wrapping paper and still lives with unusual perspectives.

It is possible to commission a portrait by Kenne. With the choices of his subjects he shows that a traditional technic, doesn’t always mean, you get a traditional artwork.

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