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Pieter VandenDaele

Pieter Vanden Daele was born in Oudenaarde, Belgium in 1971.

His bronze sculptures of different fish species are now exhibited all over Europe. The river Scheldt and numerous ponds provide an ideal fishing area around his native town. His friends were passionate anglers and from an early age Pieter found himself fascinated by the underwater world and its amazing fauna. Being creative by nature, he went to the academy of Oudenaarde where he attended painting classes. In 2000 he started working in an art foundry in Oudenaarde as a teaching practice, where he learned the process of moulding the pieces, making wax sculptures, bronze casting,polishing and patinating.
In 2003, he joined his passions together and began casting bronze sculptures of different fish mostly carp. Pieter sculpts his original model out of organic materials such as leaves, wood, leather, wax and many other things. This results in the rough and elaborate surface of his pieces, thus beautifully rendering the actual skin of the fish. His fish are alive, captured for eternity, just as nature captured prehistoric fish in fossils. It is not only the life like quality of his sculptures but also the wonderful patina that Pieter creates for his pieces that sets him apart as an artist. All Pieter's sculptures are limited edition bronzes. Each model is limited to an edition of eight with four artists proofs available.


Academie van Oudenaarde

Art Fairs (selected)

Art Breda, Pad Parijs, Art und Antik Münster, British Art Fair, Brafa Brussels, Decorative Fair London, Art Toronto


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