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Pieter Vanden Daele

Pieter Vanden Daele was born in Belgium in 1971. He grew up between lakes and the river Scheldt. The river De Scheldt and the variety of lakes are an ideal environment for fishermen. When his friends went fishing, Pieter took painting lessons at the Oudenaarde academy. At a young age Pieter became fascinated by the underwater world and fauna. In 2000 he worked at an art foundation in Oudenaarde, where he learned how to make molds and how to cast and patronize bronze. His passions came together in 2003 and he started casting bronze sculptures of mainly carp.

The fish that he makes have a special texture, a skin with scales translated into bronze. VandenDaele has developed its own technology for this. Pieter builds the original model from organic material, such as leaves, wood, leather, wax and many other materials. He uses various organic materials in his molds to create special prints and structures in the skin of the bronze. This gives the sculptures so much character that names such as Ferox, Alphons and Ludwig do not surprise us.

The fish are alive, caught for eternity. Just as nature keeps prehistoric fish trapped in fossils. Not only the vibrancy of the fish in his images make him a great artist, but also the beautiful patina he uses for his artworks. All his images are limited editions: each design is cast to a maximum of eight times, plus four Epreuves Artistes. His bronze sculptures or different types of fish have been exhibited throughout Europe.


Academie van Oudenaarde

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2017 London Art Fair Islington, London UK
2017 Realisme Amsterdam, Morren Galleries, Amsterdam NL
2016 BRAFA Brussels 
2016 Decorative Fair London 
2016 Kunst en Antiek Naarden Vesting 
2016 Art und Antik Münster 
2016 PAD Paris 
2016 Art Breda
2015 BRAFA Brussels
2015 Pad Paris
2015 London Art Fair Islington
2015 British Art Fair London
2015 Art Toronto
2014 BRAFA Brussels 
2014 Arts and Design Fair Miami 
2014 PAD Paris 
2014 British Art Fair London 
2014 Art Toronto 

Art Fairs (selected)

Art Breda, Pad Parijs, Art und Antik Münster, British Art Fair, Brafa Brussels, Decorative Fair London, Art Toronto


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