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Morren Galleries is a gallery for contemporary figurative art in the heart of Utrecht's Museum Quarter. In two adjacent canal houses at lively Oudegracht 340, the gallery presents contemporary painting and sculpture, photography and ceramic objects by artists from the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to the hospitable and accessible atmosphere, everyone can easily enter the gallery and it has been an inspiring meeting place for artists, art lovers, collectors and other interested parties for more than 30 years.


The gallery

 In 1993 Eric Morren opened his gallery at Oudegracht 340 in Utrecht. He was then 22 years old. Two years later, his partner Séverine Morren joined. Since then they have been a solid duo, continuing to excite themselves, the artists and visitors by constantly taking on new challenges. For example, they had a second gallery in Utrecht on the Burg. Reigerstraat for a long period (2005-2014). They took over the Portrait Shop in 2010, which was then still located in Haarlem, and from 2008 to 2017 they had a third gallery in Amsterdam where many sensational exhibitions took place. In 2022, the construction of a large, new gallery building behind their home in Odijk was completed. This dependance also has a sculpture garden of 1.5 ha. and can be visited by appointment only.


The space

 The gallery in Utrecht is very charming: with a picturesque entrance on the ground floor, a beautiful view of the Geerte Brug, authentic stained glass windows and various rooms. Unique to the gallery are its typical Utrecht medieval wharf cellars, which are high and spacious. The gallery has a total of 350 m² of exhibition space.


 The artists

 Morren Galleries represents established artists and newcomers from both the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The gallery's policy puts quality and authenticity above innovation. Over the years, a fruitful, long-term relationship has been built up with the majority of the exhibitors. New discoveries are of course not shunned, provided they are a special addition to the gallery's stable.

The activities


Morren Galleries is known for its active policy and open character. It is not only a gallery where people come to see or buy art, it is also a place where a lot happens and there is much to experience. Beautiful conversations and encounters and festive and informative moments alternate and complement each other. There are at least 6 changing exhibitions per year. At the exhibitions, lectures are regularly given or the gallery organizes other activities such as preview dinners, book presentations, Meet & Greet the Artist moments, et cetera. Sometimes the gallery presents its artists at an art fair.


Party location/meeting room

 The gallery has a professional kitchen in one of the wharf cellars. Thanks to this kitchen, the gallery can be rented as a location for festive dinners, meetings, presentations or anniversaries. The gallery is also a unique location for film recordings. In the past, the TV program Sterren op het Doek, a housing program, a video clip, a promotional film (Oger Herenmode), TV commercial (Fonq), etc. were recorded here. If you are interested in organizing an event in the gallery, please then feel free to contact us!

Gallery Fair Practice Code

Since 2021, the Fair Practice Code has been a permanent condition for the part of the cultural sector that is supported with public funds. The Mondriaan Fonds contributes to the gallery sector in various ways. The fund therefore considers it important that the principles from the Fair Practice Code are self-evident in the gallery sector as well. As of July 1, 2023, the Gallery Fair Practice Code will become a permanent condition for galleries that want to offer the KunstKoop or receive a contribution for a foreign art fair. For them applies; apply and explain.


The code:

1) The gallery concerned records the relationship between gallery and artist in writing, including agreements about the duration of the agreement, prices and any discounts. Other possible topics to record in this document are: monitoring and evaluation of the agreements, targets of both parties (for example, with regard to visibility abroad), the relationship with a second gallery, agreements about the settlement of possible discounts, about assignments from third parties, or the settlement of other costs such as transport, photography, insurance or construction of an exhibition. For model contracts see the NGA-website


2) The artist remains the owner of his work until full payment has been made to the gallery, with the exception of secondary trade. This also applies in case of bankruptcy and/or seizure of the gallery.

3) The gallery will pay the artist within 60 days of the sale of his work the full artist's share of the sales price agreed with the customer, with the name and contact details of the buyer, and a copy of the invoice

4) Unsold works of art in the management of the gallery must be returned to the artist at all times and within one month if requested.

5) The relationship between galleries may be one of competition and competition, but must be loyal in all respects to the interests of the artist involved, in the event that several galleries represent the same artist. In the event that a gallery works exclusively with an artist, thus acting as a 'mother gallery' for this artist, and another gallery wishes to organize an exhibition with this artist, the parties involved must make written agreements about the conditions under which an exhibition can take place (see appendix for an NGA sample contract).

6) The gallery is deemed to be expert and professional and to maintain this expertise and professional competence.

7) The gallery guarantees the authenticity of the work it sells.* In the event that it is established that a work is inauthentic in the opinion of a recognized independent party, the gallery owner will take back the work and refund the amount that the customer has paid for this refund.

8) A gallery states its pupose, programme, working method and artist base on its website.


9) A gallery is expected to follow the Fair Practice code ( in its actions, which offers, among other things, a guarantee against transgressive behavior within the gallery or outside it.


The team

 Eric & Séverine have been running the gallery together since 1993. Annemiek Schmidt Crans is gallery assistant. Since 2012, this jack-of-all-trades has been a trusted point of contact next to Eric when it comes to your art purchases.

The fact that the gallery has existed since 1993 is due to this small team of enthusiastic people who share an enormous passion for art. With never-ending enthusiasm they dedicate themselves to the gallery and its artists.

 Morren Galleries: Eric & Severine Morren

 Eric & Severine Morren 



Eric Morren
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Séverine Morren
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Annemiek Schmidt Crans
gallery assistant Utrecht
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