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Evert den Hartog

Evert den Hartog (born in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands in 1949) followed his education to be a sculptor at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts. In the years 1971-1976 his teachers of sculpture were Arie Teeuwisse, Bram Roth, Gijs Voskuil and others. In the first years after the Art Academy he mainly made ceramic sculptures, until he decided to cast bronze sculptures with a colleague. While working in the bronze foundry he learned all the tricks of the trade.

The sculptures of Evert den Hartog are presently casted at Art Casting art foundry in Belgium. His favourite subjects are animals in a wide variety. Birds and bulls are a main subject in his work. The birds, allthough made in bronze seem to be weightless. They are balancing on one leg or are gliding freely in the air. Sometimes connected only by the tip of their wings. Den Hartog is constantly looking to freeze the moment in his statues. The observer becomes aware of that particular moment. Humor is an element he likes to add to his sculptures. It gives them an airy and natural look. He carried out a lot of commissions and his statues were placed in Kobe (Japan), Dallas (USA), Jakarta and Antwerp. In the Netherlands his sculptures are exhibited in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and many other places.


Academy for Visual Arts, Rotterdam

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2015      Morren Galleries, Amsterdam
2014      Art Centre Hores, Sint-Martens-Latem


2015  Ciran, Venlo


ING Collection
Caldic Collection


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