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Arie van 't Riet

The photography of Arie van ’t Riet is a merger of his scientific background, being an engineer and physicist, and his passion and love for flora and fauna. His focus is on the essence of nature. This process takes a sense of beauty, but also technical knowledge and insight. The animals (found dead) he uses, are placed in an optimal position together with plants and other crops. This setup, called a Biorama, is placed for a X-ray and by radiation fixated on film. For this work van ’t Riet received a special permit. Because he is specialised in working with this equipment he is able to make a picture in just one take. This is complicated because, for example, a thin leaf needs another approach than a fat bird. Still he manages to put them together in one picture. The films are being developed in the dark room, then scanned and edited digitally. Hence a combination of a traditional and scientific way of working, an unique working process, working with silver bromide analogue X-ray film. The result is touching and reflects peaceful beautyfulness. How fragile nature is when she shows her structure. How perfect and fairy-like together is the result of this special form of photography.

Group Exhibitions (selected)

Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013 EVDI, Congress European Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2014 Singapore Science Festival, 2014 Discovery Place Science museum, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 2014 Radiological Society of Northern America, Chicago,Illinois, USA, 2014 Public Eye Soar Projection Festival, Panama city, Florida, USA, 2014 en 2015. National Taiwan science education center , Taipei, Taiwan, 2015 Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015 Fotogalerie De Gang, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 2016


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