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Hans Parlevliet

Hans Parlevliet (1953, Groningen) graduated Cum Laude, in Groningen at the Art Academy Minerva in 1980.

For years he works as an illustrator, together with Herman Tulp. As a result of the growing demand for his paintings he stopped his activities as an illustrator and began working as a fulltime painter in 1992.

The main topic in his paintings is landscape, almost always with low sunlight and a long horizon. Allthough this is typical for the north of the Netherland, his paintings are pure fiction. Born in a memory of a long time ago.

His wish is to take the viewer on a virtual tour, from the absolute foreground till the horizon.

The paintings are very detailed and start close to the feet of the viewer. Parlevliet paints very clear, there is not much to be disguised, because he wants the viewer to get a good look of everything they discover along the way of the tour!


ABK Minerva, Groningen 1975-1980

Solo exhibitions (selected)

Biennale Galerie Wildevuur
2007 Galerie Vieleers

Group Exhibitions (selected)

Annualy Morren Galleries, Amsterdam - The Netherlands 
Annualy Mohlmann, De Ort Exhibition, Appingedam - The Netherlands
2010-2014 Galerie Honingen - The Netherlands
2000 Galery Vieleers, expo with Herman Tulp, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
1998 Galerie Vieleers, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
1997 Vandenbroek Galleries, Helenaveen - The Netherlands
1997 Galerie Indigo Wageningen - The Netherlands
1981 Glene Riepe, Groningen - The Netherlands
1980 Glene Riepe, Groningen - The Netherlands


2007 work included in the collection of the Royal Oman sultenaat

Art in the public space Drenthe

Art Fairs (selected)

Autotron Rosmalen
Holland Art Fair
Pan Amsterdam
Realisme Beurs


PRISES 1990 (together with Herman Tulp)
Eppo Doeveprijs; award for best Dutch 1989 illustration PUBLICATIONS
Interview Ilse Knol Ateliermagazine (see Attachment)
Uitzicht op het Hollandse laagland, book

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