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Kalvis Zuters

Kalvis Zuters, (1969, Jelgava Latvia) graduated from the Department of Painting at the Latvian Acadamy of Art in 1998. He has participated selected group exhibitions throughout Europe and USA and several solo exhibitions in Europe.

With his work Kalvis invites us to discover a still unknown world which is only present in the mind of the artist. His characters, based on myths and fairy tales, portray to the viewer soft glances from another place encompassing a technique of mixture and shades that demonstrates the artist’s sensitivity. This technique makes him unique and  incomparable to any other artist.

Figurative, with a twist of symbolism, realism and even cubism in a distinctive mixture in each of the works. Reminding us of iconic figures from old and newer times.

Kalvis encourages the viewer to take his time to understand the message that lies within the work. He takes the spectator into the world of the painting without any effort, because of the soft shades, always present in his artwork.