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Paul Delmée

Paul Delmée (Brussels, 1944) received his education at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Brussels. Delmee usually works with egg tempera on large canvasses. In his paintings, you will find shifted spaces where time doesn't seem to play any role. He depicts silence like no one else.
With his experiences as an architect, Delmée paints large architectural structures with a natural background. A feeling of recognition is summoned, but his buildings are non existing. 
Big cities, build by long gone civilisations, deprived of all human presence. What remains is timeless, beautiful constructions. . The constructive element also returns in the frames of the paintings, as Delmee constructs them himselve of wood. By means of this finishing touch, he creates interesting total art works.


Kunstacademie, Brussel België

Solo exhibitions (selected)

Brussels, Gent, Amsterdam, Geneva en Rijssel

Group Exhibitions (selected)

Morren Galleries Utrecht and Amsterdam


Brabantse provincie, Nederland
Drouot Group

Art Fairs (selected)

Lineart Gent, PAN Amsterdam, KunstRai Amsterdam, AFA Rosmalen, HAF Utrecht