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Maya Kulenovic


Maya Kulenovic (1975 Sarajevo,  Bosnia and Herzegovina) lives and works in Toronto Canada. 

Maya Kulenovic's artistic development, as a painter working with representational imagery, has followed a path echoing that of art history: as it has shaped its own story and seen its potentials redefined.

Her inspirations range from Rembrandt to 19th century daguerreotype photography, images from damaged motion pictures, Greek sculptures, Roman death masks, ancient Middle Eastern architecture, early American documentary photography and film, East Asian ink paintings, Leonardo’s drawings, Goya's prints, Turner's skies, the photographs of Eugène Atget and Margaret Bourke-White, and 20th Century painters Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Paula Rego, and Marlene Dumas.

From these she has forged a unique repertoire described as 'unlike the work of any other artist of her generation.'





1998 - Masters of Arts 1998, London University of the Arts (at Chelsea College of Art and Design) in London, England 1997 - AOCAD Honours, 1997, Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto 1997- 1998 - Alumna of London Goodenough College in London, England 1992-1995 Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2017 - Italy Milano - Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2016 - Charleston USA - Principal Gallery 2015 - Quebec Canada - Galerie le Royer 2013 - 2008 Utrecht, the Netherlands - Morren Galleries 2007 - London Uk, Ireland, Texas


A book on her work with introduction by Edward Lucie-Smith was published by d'jonge Hond 2008 in the Netherlands.