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Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen Born in the USA - 1955 A painting by Adam Cohen is like a sudden burst of light. Vision is dazzled by a surface alive with color, swarming with incident. For Cohen’s brush is versatile. Dabbing, smearing, dripping, splashing paint onto the canvas, he creates a variety of textures equal to the variety of his reds and yellows and greenish blues. As you approach the canvas, it feels as if it were coming forward to meet you, to immerse you in a field of visual energy. Stepping back a bit we see that the luminosity of his colors—above all, his passages of white—owe much to the contrast provided by patches of dense, lustrous black. So there are two ways of seeing Cohen’s paintings. The first is immersive. Vision plunges in and swims in an intricately layered, richly variegated environment. The second way is more contemplative: the slow deciphering of the painting’s logic. We try to figure out what this streak of red is doing here or that tangle of wiry white lines is doing there. Though this second way of looking is more considered, more deliberate than the first, it is far from dryly analytical. For Cohen is not the sort of artist who executes a work in accordance with a pre-established plan. He proceeds intuitively, responding at each stage to whatever he has just created.


Philadelphia's Tyler School of Art, BFA in Fine Arts - US Temple University, Rome - Italy School of Visual Arts Parsons, NYC, NY - US Art Students League NYC en in het buitenland in Rome

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2015 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY - USA 2015 ArtOlympia International Exhibition, Tokyo - Japan 2015 Conception Gallery, NYC, Frieze Week - USA 2015 Reinboth Studio, Lambertville, NJ - USA 2015 Tumblety Howell Gallery, Ocean Grove, NJ - USA 2013 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY - USA

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2015 Morren Galleries, Amsterdam - the Netherlands 2015 Reinboth Studio, Lamberville, NJ - USA 2015 Art Olympia North and South American Exhibition Winner, NYC - USA 2014 61 Main Galerie, Andes, NY - USA 2014 East End Arts, Riverhead, NY - USA 2014 Parlor Gallery, NJ - USA 2013 Carrie Haddad Galerie, Hudson, NY - USA 2013 Skalar, Hudson, NY - USA 2012 Princeton Decorator Showcase House, NJ - USA


Hotel Rittenhouse, Philadelphia PA, Schilderijen voor de Lobby en Spa.


Diverse prive collecties


2015 Art Olympia Internationale Competitie, Juni tentoonstelling in Tokyo met honourable mention and award. 80 kunstenaars geselecteerd van de 4.200 inzendingen. 2014 East End Arts, winnaar van de National Juried Competition.

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