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Frans Franciscus

In his luxuriant and sometimes outrageous settings, Frans Franciscus bridges and combines ages of fine art paintings. He travels, while drawing and painting through time and space, handling ancient religious and arthistorical themes in a non orthodox, lively and grotesque way. Not afraid of creating a bit of a psychedelic atmosphere and using peculiar metamorphoses.
The art of Franciscus is narrative, but he uses all he has got to charme the viewer, or to diffuse or surprise him.
In a inimitable way, serieus issues are being tackled and provocative footnotes are put by the arthistorical tradition. The artist maintains a warm bond with the old masters. He translates this strong bond in different ways, without losing his own modern interpretation.

Franciscus shows himself as a dreamer, not a realist. People from our time are being placed into the tradition of the old days, or the other way around.

Frans Franciscus (1959, Utrecht) lives and works in Amsterdam. He makes paintings, drawings and sculptures. Last couple of years he organized a lot of exhibitions and art events, like the Museum Night for Arti et Amicitea in Amsterdam.

Since 2012 he also works under the name Franciscus & Franciscus, together with his spouse, Rienus Gündel Franciscus (1967 Dordrecht) he creates a growing series of photo portrays, working title  ‘After Memling’  for commissions and free work.

To complete this series  with characteristic personas  of Curaçao, the gentlemen got a scholarship in 2015 to work as artists in residence for 4 months with the Instituto Buena Bista in Willemstad, Curaçao.

Exhibitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Germany, the USA, Jordan, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Great- Britain, Russia and the Czech Republic.




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