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Gino Rubert

Gino Rubert was born in 1969 in Mexico. He studied fine arts at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Granted by Spanish government he worked during a year 93-94 at the Spanish academy in Rome. Gino now lives in Barcelona and is represented by different galleries all over the world. 
For the last ten years his work has been focused on representing those experiences and emotions which are only accessible through the living and armored frame of sentimental relationships. The "new woman", the "new man", their functions, dysfunctions, conflicts and rhetoric’s. He has used many different media such as paintings, videos or installations in order to express these concepts.
Rubert has solo shows in e.g. Barcelona, Zurich, Germany, Tokyo, Colombia and Barcelona. Since 2011 Morren Galleries represents his work in The Netherlands.

There are curently no artworks from this artist available.