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Eberhard Szejstecki

Eberhard Szejstecki (1958, Gelsenkirchen) received education in graphic design and sculpting in the German cities of Munster and Bremen. His small sculptures draw, despite their small dimensions, a direct attention of the viewer. In combination with the titles, each sculpture really tells a story of its own. This element of narration is heightened by the playfulness of the works. Szejstecki creates his sculptures in ceramics, terracotta, plaster and bronze. He paints them with water and acrylic paint. This, in combination with the different textures and little cracks, gives his sculptures a vintage but also very bright, fresh look. Some sculptures remind us of ancient excavations, because he frequently uses drawing on the pedestals which are often attached to the sculptures.

Still, his work is very modern and appeals to a large public. He displayed his work all over Europe and has found a new representative in Morren Galleries since 2010.


Opleiding grafisch ontwerp en beeldhouwen, Munster en Bremen (Duitsland)