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Georges Mazilu

Georges Mazilu (1951, Romania) graduated with a Master's degree in fine arts from the Grigorescu Art Institute in Bucharest. In 1982 he moved from Romania to France, or as he states it, he escaped the socialist regime of Ceausescu. Some aspects in his art, the absurdity and grotesque features, reflect his youth in this, for him, absurd environment. Mazilu is internationally known for his signature style linking contemporary surrealism with the art of the Northern Renaissance.
Executed with the hand of a master and strangely beautiful, his paintings portray fascinating figures seemingly caught in deep contemplation or frozen in the midst of mysterious rituals. 

His paintings are built from abstract forms which are gradually built into images representing people and other recognizable shapes and forms. In this process he is permitted to let his unconscious float and influence the transformation of abstractions into figurative representations. This way, the representations form a mirror of Mazilu's present state of mind, keeping his logic from interfering.
The final step in his work is to build and finish the environment of the newly created figures, to put them within a world of their own. 
Mazilu wants these worlds to reflect the complexities and psychological, often difficult, realities of our own environment.

He participates regularly in the major Parisian Art Salons, such as Salon de Figuration Critique, and Salon des Artistes Independants. Furthermore, he widely exhibits in Europe and the United States.