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Eddy Stevens

Eddy Stevens Born in Brasschaat, Belgium - 1965  Lives and works in France. At a young age, Stevens studied painting under the supervision of Guy Wauters and Sonya Rosalia Bauters. Both helped him develop his painting skills and define his own style. After high school, he entered the Saint Niklaas Art Academy in Belgium and graduated two years later. Since the age of 16, Stevens has built up an impressive exposition list. In cooperation with Morren Galleries, Stevens exhibited at the KunstRai in Amsterdam, Museum van der Togt in Amstelveen, KAR in Rotterdam, Holland Art Fair in Utrecht, Holland Art Fair in The Hague and the headquarters of the Zwolsche Algemeene in Nieuwegein. His work can be ranked among the styles of magic-realism and symbolism. For Stevens, the gesture of the body tells a quiet language no book or hieroglyphic can express. In 2003 Morren Galleries published a book on his work.

Group Exhibitions (selected)

1999-2015 Morren Galleries - Amsterdam - Nederland
Kasteel Schijndael - Schoten - Belgie
Galerie de Lelie - Antwerpen - Belgie
Galerie Lijn 3 - Den Haag - Nederland
Galerie Rivierenhof – Deurne - Belgie
Galerie Maya Wildevuur - Groningen – Nederland
Galerie Campo & Campo - Antwerpen – Belgie
Galerie Gebauer - Keulen – Duitsland
RJS Galleries - New Orleans – Amerika
Galerie Iham - Antwerpen – Belgie
Galerie Jan J. van Waning - Rotterdam - Nederland
Galerie Artterre - Eefde - Belgie
Sky Art Gallery - Knokke – Belgie
Blackheath Gallery - London – Engeland
Galerie Tempera - Brussel - Belgie
Hanson Gallery - New Orleans - Amerika
Museum Jan van der Togt - Amstelveen - Nederland

Art Fairs (selected)

1994 Lineart - Gent - Belgie
1996 Art Fair - Mechelen - Belgie
1999 Holland Art Fair - The Hage - Nederland
1999 AFA Rosmalen - Nederland
2000 Le toit de la Grande Arche - Parijs – Frankrijk
2001 Holland Art Fair - Den Haag - Nederland
2001 KunstRai Amsterdam - Nederland
2001 AFA Rosmalen - Nederland
2002 KunstRai Amsterdam - Nederland
2002 KAR Rotterdam - Nederland
2002 AFA Rosmalen - Nederland
2003 Holland Art Fair Den Haag - Nederland
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