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Veronique Clamot

Veronique Clamot (1964, Charleroi, Belgium) is a self-taught artist. Although she has been occupied with making three dimensional works of art ever since her childhood, she is officially established as an independent artist during the previous decade. Since then she has taken part in several group exhibitions at Galerie Tempera (Brussels) and Morren Galleries. 
Her sculptures are remarkable accounts of observation, created by someone who gives us proof of her thorough knowledge of the human anatomy, also when she accentuates or deforms this anatomy in her work. Daily live is translated in amusing and recognizable anecdotes. . Most of her sculptures present seaside visitors, having an ice-cream, looking onto) sailing boats or reading under the burning heat of the sun.Clamot is well known for her small sculptures of well-formed ladies and the occasional man. Since 2010 she also works on larger scale. Clamot’s round ladies have become monumental in bronze.


Arts plastiques (illustration) St. Luc, Brussel

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2000 Galerie Chamarande - Brussel

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2018   Les Mains d'or de Gedinne, La Maison Languillier, België
2005   Contrast Gallery, Brussel


2000-2004    Galerie Tempera – Brussel

Vanaf 2003   Morren Galleries Utrecht

2004-2006    Galerie Argo – Knokke

Vanaf 2004   Contrast Gallery – Brussel

2005            Contrast Gallery – Brussel

Art Fairs (selected)

Fine Art Fair Brussel - maart 2019


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