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Leon Strous

Leon Strous, Dutch ceramist born in Swalmen in 1957. Eversince his childhood, he has been busy drawing. About 25 years ago, he became fascinated by ceramic sculptures. He felt the urge to start working in three dimensions. He makes daily sketches on little sticky notes from own observation or appropriate newspaper photos, humorous snapshots and fantasies: The man on the street and his facial expressions, shapes, absurdities and attitudes. It is necessary that a certain joke value is present and there is movement visible in form. Leon Strous prefers working with fine clay, to work as detailed as possible. His sculptures are balancing on the area between reality and abstraction with humor, as if it were individuals themselves with an appearance and emotion. In 2012 he competed for the Netherlands in an international workshop organized by the World Art Games to Vukovar in Croatia. In 2015 winner of the gold medal for ceramics at the WAG, Bratislava, Slovakia.


In 2015 ontving hij de gouden medaille in de categorie keramiek tijdens de World Art Games te Bratislava, Slovakije.

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